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{dining room designed by jeffrey bilhuber}
Wood paneling is one of those design elements that has swung in and out of favor throughout the decades. In this day in age, the pendulum has swung away in favor of lighter, painted interiors. Paneled rooms today are often considered stuffy, dark, and heavy. When we moved into our new home, we inherited a large, dark paneled family room. My initial plan was to paint it right away but as often is the case, time and budgetary restraints have delayed if not halted my original plans. For the time being I am embracing the space's stately English feel and am trying to decorate accordingly. In search of inspiration, I gathered images of paneled rooms that I appreciate. When done correctly and when fine wood is used, paneled rooms can be quite dashing.
Above is a beautiful pine paneled room by Rose Tarlow. The antique gold mirror and the modern art inset in the wood panels on either side of the fireplace add dimension while keeping the overall feel serene.
Design legend David Hicks adds an unexpected twist to a paneled room by painting the insides of the bookshelves white. I also love the Venetian mirror, black leather and pop of yellow on the chairs. Hick's never fails to keep things interesting!
I found several inspiring paneled rooms deigned by Jeffrey Bilhuber. He, like Hicks, uses bright colors to liven up dark, womb-like wood paneled rooms. In the above image, the wicker and light floral fabric are unexpected and lively additions to a dark room.
This dining room, from Bilhuber's own home is stunning because of the combination of beautiful paneling with a vibrant cornflower blue fabric on the chairs. The room does not feel the least bit stuffy or heavy.
Lisa Jackson's Upper East Side apartment's dark wood paneled dining room makes such a statement with solid off white dining chairs and an off white rug.
Mary McDonald's Beverly Hills home is filled with beautiful paneling that is original to the 1920s house. When McDonald purchased the home it had dark mahogany paneling (see above) which she accentuated with her trademark chinoiserie accents. After a complete renovation, the paneling remained but the stain was lightened to co-ordinate with warm orange tones that she used throughout the updated space.
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