Comfort Addict

0 Comments Tuesday, September 16, 2014 | @ 7:47 PM
A reader mentioned that she was inspired to put a chair in her bathroom after viewing my last post. I am a big believer in treating your bathrooms as true rooms in your home. If you have the luxury of space, why not add a piece of furniture? A chair or bench will make your bathroom feel more welcoming and is the perfect place to sit to apply lotion or leave your towel while you soak in the suds.

{images: 1- david netto; 2 - charlotte moss; 3- via elle decor; 4- source unknown; 5- susan ferrier; 6- mary mcdonald; 7- via habitually chic; 8- via elle decor; 9- eddie ross; 10- home of francois halard via habitually chic}