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0 Comments Saturday, September 13, 2014 | @ 5:23 PM

I am back from New York and what a noteworthy trip it was! We visited many stunning antique shops, shopped for spring clothes and indulged in fabulous food. One of the highlights of my trip was seeing iconic photographer Elliot Erwitt's project for Italian leather goods company Tod's. On display along the halls of Berdgorf Goodman's 8th floor, the images are a visual treat, capturing the essence of the simple, elegant lifestyle of Tod's clientele. The exhibition aptly named "Icons by and Icon," the collection consists of 40 black and white photographs of chic families from the US and Europe, donning their own classic Tod's pieces.

Elliot Erwitt was born in Paris and raised in Los Angeles and New York City. He has endured a glorious career in photojournalism capturing some of the most beautiful, humane, and humorous moments of the last century. Since the 1950's Erwitt has been represented by the prestigious Magnum agency. His work has been on display in many prestigious art institutions including the MOMA and Smithsonian.
If you are in the New York area be sure to pop into Bergdorf's to see this elegant exhibit. The photos are on display through May 3rd. Also, check out the fun video from the photo shoot on the Tod's website.

{top 5 images are from tod's "icons by and icon" exhibit. all others from}