Comfort Addict

0 Comments Wednesday, November 5, 2014 | @ 9:11 AM

A good friend was over helping me make beds and unpack boxes. After a good bit of wrestling mattress pads onto my sons' bunk beds we ended up sitting and visiting for a brief time in our new large family room. As friends who have a love for design design often do, we ended up batting around ideas for furnishing the room.
Because the space is so large we will need a pair of sofas, back to back in the middle of the room and two separate seating areas on either side. In addition, to the two seating areas there is a large bay window off to the side which needs to be filled as well. I had thought a third smaller seating area, such as two chairs and a small table might be appropriate, but my friend had an even better idea: a game table. A place for games to be played and puzzles to be put together is perfect for our big family and makes our house more of a home. So now, I am in search of the perfect game table. On a limited budget I will be scouring consignment stores and flea markets to find the perfect little perch for our budding strategists!

{images: 1- design by marshall watson, house beautiful; 2- design by miles redd via house beautiful; 3- via 1st dibs; 4 - via mecox gardens}