Comfort Addict

0 Comments Friday, October 31, 2014 | @ 6:35 PM
I have always loved topiaries. Their clean, simple forms adds a dash of lively elegance to any space. They work equally well in rustic county spaces as they do in modern streamlined ones. Alone, they are dainty and delicate and grouped together in mass they create a fabulous scene. I would love to have some around our new home to bring life indoors during the winter months. It would be lovely to grow and prune them myself, but my children are my garden these days so I think I will be buying some at the local flower shop.

{images: 1- via this is glamorous; 2- via eddie ross; 3- via veranda october 2009; 4- via veranda october 2009; 5- via nestegg; 6- via bluehydrangea}